About us

In Bengali, “RODDUR” means SUNSHINE. Roddur is one of the most distinctive saree brands that is the brainchild of two bengali siblings. The brand aims to showcase the varieties of sarees available in different parts of our country.

Design Philosophy
Roddur believes that each of your days should be as bright as sunshine. Therefore, we bring you a plethora of options so that you look the brightest every day. Our series of cotton sarees enhance your taste in ethnic. With each enchanting product of ours, Roddur tries to create a great impact on your mind. Once you shake hands with our brand, you’ll find your love for ethnic growing with each passing day.

Crafts And Textiles
Roddur is purely a saree-centric brand. Our graceful textile is dedicated to your taste. We maintain a classic textile and craft method for each of our products. They give a glimpse of aristocracy oozing the meticulous fineness.